Warranty instruction

The warranty terms only applies to the ICEWHEEL brand product, which issold by the Shenzhen FUHOU Investment Co., Ltd, The company shall not be liablefor the purchase of the products purchased by the distributor or other channelsauthorized by the company

To protect your legitimate rights and interests, please choose the company's authorized channels to buy products, and ask the seller for the "warranty card and certificate" and other supporting documents.

Warranty Services

The company's products related to the implementation of national regulations Three Guarantees, to comply with the conditions of the product warranty provides free repair, replacement and return (limited to mainland China to buy the product)

With the product's effective serial number and the warranty card to enjoy the service, according to the date of receipt of the certificate to ensure that the product is valid; if you can not produce the starting date of the warranty certificate, the date of the factory as the starting date of the warranty, the product is still valid.

For in accordance with the use of the manual device performance problems in the normal state, confirmed, since the date of sale from within 7 days of the user can choose to repair, replacement or return; within 15 days starting from the date of sale, users can repair or replacement.

Since the date of the sale to the warranty period, the company promised free maintenance

To exceed the quality assurance period of breakdown products, our company provide paid maintenance services

The body parts of the warranty period are as follows

Vehicle, motor1 yearIncluding the part not listed below
Battery, housing,padel,light6 month
charger3 month
wheel1 monthconsumable items

In the warranty period, the following conditions are not free of maintenance, please note

(1)The accumulated mileage of the vehicle body is over 2000km

(2)Any damage to the failure to use the specification requirements resulting from installation or use

(3)Product serial number is deleted or changed

(4)Product serial number code or model of product warranty card is not in conformity with the product itself.

(5)dismantling or repaired by the person beyond the official authorized person.

(6)Natural wear and tear of product function Including shell, handle, gear box, tire wear, etc.

(7)Unexpected factors or improper use of product damage, such as mechanical damage, break down, impact, product serious oxidation, etc.

(8)Overload, riding over obstacles (including but not limited to the next steps, drop, etc.), the limit movement, etc.

(9)Damage caused by disassembly, transportation, loading and unloading in the customer's return route

(10)Any damage caused by non normal storage conditions, such as fire, liquid immersion, freezing, earthquakes, etc.

(11)Loss of wear accessories, such as packaging materials and all kinds of technical materials

(12)Failure or damage to other non-product itself design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused by

Repair Service Guide

When you are in trouble about the products problem, you can telephone 400-878-9632 for help, or contact directly to the distributor, or visit our official website http://www.icewheel.cn for more help.

Upon receipt of the user that failure seven working days, the company reported to the user products Failure analysis, fault liability, maintenance costs and the expected completion time    

All the right for the final explanation reserved by our company.

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